Demo – TS9 Tube Screamer by AnalogMan (Vox AC30)

Check out this video demo of an modded TS9 through a Vox AC30. I love, love, love the sounds from almost every Tube Screamer I’ve ever heard – TS-808s, TS9s, TS9DXs, TS10s. This particular Tube Screamer is a reissue modded by Analog Mike (a.k.a. Analogman) and is just a little thing of beauty. This one has the “silver” mod package and the true bypass switch. I heartily recommend this pedal for anyone who wants that classic blues tone!

FYI: There is also a demo of a TS9 through a Fender Twin available for anyone interested in hearing this pedal through two awesome amps.

P.S. – Sorry for the playing being sloppy! My room was c-o-l-d and my hands just don’t play the same in the cold!

Gear Used in this Video

I am playing a 2007 Eric Johnson Fender Stratocaster (un-modded) through a 2007 Vox AC30 CC2. I mic’ed the amp with a Shure SM7B and my spoken words are mic’ed through a Shure PG185 system. The camera is a Canon Vixio HFS100.

Where to Buy

The Ibanez TS9 reissues are mass produced and easy to find (and cheap!). However, if you want to buy one of Analog Mike’s pedals, you need to step up your game. This pedal cost me $242 with all the mods and shipping direct from


  • Whew – $242 is a lot for an overdrive pedal! Is it worth it?” How bad do you crave that Stevie Ray Vaughan tone? This can go a long way towards making a $500 amp sound like a champ, I can tell you that! Put this baby through a Vox AC15, a Blues Deluxe Reissue, a Hot Rod Deluxe, or a Blues Junior and you’ll be sounding like a tone monster.
  • Would you gig with it?” Totally! This thing is solid, very little noise, and it is pure tone
  • Would you record with it?” Hell yes – in a heartbeat. Analogman’s TS9 is just pure tone – the best of the Tube Screamer mods in my opinion
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